Welcome to the documentation section of Joey Skaggs' site. On the left is a timeline listing all the performance pieces covered in this section. Click on an item and a description will appear in this screen.

It is here that print, photo, audio or video documentation of over forty years worth of performances, hoaxes, political statements, and satires is stored. The documentation shows how each piece was promoted and/or received by the media and the public. Where possible, it is divided into sections called "Hook," "Line" and "Sinker."

The Hook shows what Skaggs put out there to attract attention.

The Line shows what happened as a result of the "Hook."

And the Sinker shows what happened when the piece was revealed as a hoax.

The newspaper and magazine articles have been retyped for ease of reading on the Internet. But, not a word has been changed. Even typos have been recreated. The publication name, date, and the name of the article is provided for reference. In some cases Skaggs provides commentary to supplement the reproduced articles.

Reader Beware! The hardest part of Skaggs' task is to get the media to listen and report accurately on the intent, content and meaning of his work. When egg is smeared in reporters' faces, it's hard to get them to listen to an explanation of why Skaggs did what he did. Even when he tells the truth and they appear to try to listen, the facts are frequently reported inaccurately. So, not everything in the "Documentation" or "Hook," "Line," or "Sinker" sections is factually correct.

Some of this inaccuracy is just human foible. But there are many instances where a disgruntled journalist creates his or her own editorial spin, leaves out important facts, uses a fabricated quote, or trivializes in some negative way that which he or she is reporting about.

And, sometimes it not just a reporter's error or lack of judgment. Sometimes an in depth story is reduced, due to space or time requirements, to a few quotable statements. Or a writer is overridden by an editor with a different opinion.

Readers will see that some journalists are enthusiastically supportive of what Skaggs does and some are extremely critical. No matter which, they all have their own agendas. Therefore, never suspend critical judgment when reading the news. Always question the writer's motivation to take a certain position. And, question the veracity of the story.

Although not all the reportage of Skaggs' work is correct and unbiased, please be assured that all the information provided by Skaggs about his work is accurate. Believe it or not!

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