A Smelly Tale: When Dogs Ruled the World

When Dogs Ruled the World: The Hypocrisy of Democracy or When the Glue Comes Undone
by Joey Skaggs
Huffington Post
May 2, 2016


As an artist, satirist and activist, I am very fortunate that I live in America. My freedom is never taken for granted and I cherish my rights to criticize the misuse of power. I’m well aware of what happens to people who live in other countries where there is no tolerance for dissent. Not that this is a perfect country… If it were, I would be out of a career!

I read an article by Andrew Sullivan called “Democracies end when they are too democratic,” published May 1, 2016, in New York Magazine and I think it’s worth sharing. The messages are vital to our democracy. This article led me to want to share a short story I like to tell every time there’s an election. This was told to me by Lou Jain, an old cowboy who lived in Northern Idaho. I met him in 1965, when I spent a summer painting landscapes near Lake Coeur de Laine…

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