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Pandora’s Hope Movie

Year(s): 2012, 2013

In 2012, while film director Andrea Marini was shooting his documentary Art of the Prank about Joey Skaggs, Joey was producing, directing and appearing in Pandora’s Hope, a fake short documentary about the ethics and perils of genetic modification in plant and human organisms.

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Baba Wa Simba

Year(s): 1995

In February of 1995, Baba Wa Simba–Swahili for the Lion King–arrived in London ready to meet with his London Pride and later with the press. Born the son of American missionary parents in Kenya, Baba Wa Simba had grown up with the Masai at a lion sanctuary. His parents had been killed and eaten by lions, and, drawn to disenfranchised and troubled youth, he had developed his own philosophic approach to therapy, to heal the wounded animal within. Or, so he said. Baba Wa Simba was actually Joey Skaggs and the hoax was on the international media.

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Nat’l Enquirer & Boing Boing

Year(s): 1994

After The New York Times Magazine published John Tierney’s article, Falling For It, about Joey Skaggs’ Dog Meat Soup hoax, the National Enquirer called Skaggs and told him they were doing a profile about him. They wanted an exclusive photo shoot. They had covered Skaggs numerous times before and should have known what he looked like. He decided to send an impostor.

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Dog Meat Soup

Year(s): 1994

In May of 1994, Kim Yung Soo (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs), president of Kea So Joo, Inc., sent 1,500 letters to dog shelters around the U.S. soliciting their unwanted dogs for $.10 a pound. The outrage was instant.

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Bigfoot-Tiny Top Circus

Year(s): 2014

Peppe Scaggolini (aka Joey Skaggs), Ringmaster of the Tiny Top Circus, the world’s only pataphysical circus, featuring “the greatest and the smallest traveling show on earth,” announced the capture and imminent exhibition of Bigfoot in New York City.

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Save the Geoduck

Year(s): 1987

Dr. Richard J. Long (aka Joey Skaggs), a marine biologist working in the Pacific Northwest founds the “Save the Geoduck Committee” and calls for the immediate halt of the commercial harvesting and exporting of what he considers to be an endangered species due to over-use as an aphrodisiac by the Japanese .

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Fish Condos

Year(s): 1983, 1996, 2020

In 1983, Joey Skaggs began making and selling Fish Condos, aquatic sculptures depicting bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms for upwardly mobile guppies.

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Metamorphosis, Cockroach Miracle Cure

Year(s): 1981

“We have much to learn from cockroaches,” said entomologist Dr. Josef Gregor, (aka Joey Skaggs). “They’ve been around for 350 million years.” Gregor, leader of a group called Metamorphosis, said he had bred a superstrain of roaches, extracted their hormones and made a vitamin pill which cured arthritis, acne, anemia and menstrual cramps and made one invulnerable to nuclear radiation.

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Cathouse for Dogs

Year(s): 1976

In 1976, country western singer Joe Skaggs staged a night in a dog bordello, where for $50 patrons could get their dog sexually gratified, specifically, and only, for the media.

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