Bullshit Detector Watch

Year(s): 2006

In 2006, Joey Skaggs launched the Universal Bullshit Detector Watch, a satirical wristwatch to help people make humorous social commentary any time, anywhere. With the push of a button, the watch flashes, moos and poops. It also tells time. The watch is available for sale at https://joeyskaggs.com/shop/universal-bullshit-detector-watch/.

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Baba Wa Simba

Year(s): 1995

In February of 1995, Baba Wa Simba–Swahili for the Lion King–arrived in London ready to meet with his London Pride and later with the press. Born the son of American missionary parents in Kenya, Baba Wa Simba had grown up with the Masai at a lion sanctuary. His parents had been killed and eaten by lions, and, drawn to disenfranchised and troubled youth, he had developed his own philosophic approach to therapy, to heal the wounded animal within. Or, so he said. Baba Wa Simba was actually Joey Skaggs and the hoax was on the international media.

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Dog Meat Soup

Year(s): 1994

In May of 1994, Kim Yung Soo (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs), president of Kea So Joo, Inc., sent 1,500 letters to dog shelters around the U.S. soliciting their unwanted dogs for $.10 a pound. The outrage was instant.

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Year(s): 1993

In the Fall of 1993, SEXONIX, the world’s first sexual virtual reality company, planned to exhibit their equipment and software at the Metro Toronto Christmas Gift and Invention Show at Sky-Dome. But, the demonstration was not to be. All of the hardware and software, valued at over $300,000, was confiscated at the border by Canadian customs agents on the grounds that SEXONIX was morally offensive to the Canadian people. So said Joseph Skaggs, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs)…

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Brooklyn Bridge Lottery

Year(s): 1992

On March 24, 1992, an inter-office memo was leaked from Mayor David Dinkins office in New York City announcing a new plan for urban renewal: He was going to sell the Brooklyn Bridge via lottery for $1.00 per ticket. The winner would have the bridge named after them for 5 years at which time another lottery would be held. Funds from the lottery would provide the much needed resources to repair and upgrade the bridge.

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Hair Today, Ltd.

Year(s): 1990

In the Fall of 1990, as Dr. Joseph Chenango, a Native American surgeon, Joey Skaggs launched a new permanent cure for baldness–scalp transplants from cadavers. He called it Hair Today, Ltd. Dr. Chenango was soliciting scalp donors with no history of male pattern baldness who worked in high risk occupations, such as electric linesmen or big game hunters. These, he reasoned, would make suitable donors in the event of their untimely death. He was also soliciting new scalp recipients–people wanting to undergo a scalp transplant.

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Year(s): 1990

In the Fall of 1990, Dr. Schlafer (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs) mailed out brochures announcing a new type of vacation experience, one that was enhanced by anesthesiology and subliminal programming. It was called Comacocoon, and offered a solution to the ever increasing risks of traveling away from home as well as the negative impact of tourism on the environment. In actuality, the letter and brochure were sent only to the media.

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Fat Squad

Year(s): 1986

“You can hire us but you cannot fire us. Our commandos take no bribes.” That was the motto of Joe Bones (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs), ex-U.S. Marine drill sergeant, and founder of the Fat Squad, an organization created to rub out fat. Clients signed a contract to allow Bones’ calorie cops to physically restrain them-whether on a date, at the job or at night in the bedroom-from breaking their diets.

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Bad Guys Talent Agency

Year(s): 1984

To help friend Verne Williams get an acting job, Skaggs created a fake talent management agency for called Bad Guys Inc.. When, Verne landed a role in Berry Gordy’s “The Last Dragon” feature film, and People Magazine covered the story, the agency was launched.

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Japanese Playhouse

Year(s): 1996

In 1996, Joey Skaggs designed a playhouse created to look like a Japanese Tea House for the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog.

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