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Bad Guys Talent Agency

Year(s): 1984

To help friend Verne Williams get an acting job, Skaggs created a fake talent management agency for called Bad Guys Inc.. When, Verne landed a role in Berry Gordy’s “The Last Dragon” feature film, and People Magazine covered the story, the agency was launched.

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Japanese Playhouse

Year(s): 1996

In 1996, Joey Skaggs designed a playhouse created to look like a Japanese Tea House for the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog.

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Thanksgiving Parade

Year(s): 1982

In 1982, Skaggs and friends took giant photos of starving children to the Macy’s Day Parade and set them up along the parade route.

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Disco Radio

Year(s): 1978

In 1978, Skaggs and his School of Visual Arts students devised a satirical street performance to illustrate what could happen if everyone in society disregarded each other’s comfort zones.

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Wall Street Shoeshine

Year(s): 1979

Sir Joseph Bucks (aka Joey Skaggs), formerly a shoeshine man on Wall Street had listened to stock brokers who stopped in for a shine. Investing smartly, it didn’t take long for him to amass a fortune. Returning to his roots on Wall Street, he offered luxury shines for $5.00 a pop. Lots of shoes plus lots of news media got shined.

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Celebrity Sperm Bank

Year(s): 1976

In July of 1976, Giuseppe Scaggoli (aka Joey Skaggs), proprietor of the Celebrity Sperm Bank, planned to hold an auction of rock star sperm in New York City. But when the sperm samples were stolen the night before the auction, havoc and mayhem broke out in the street.

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Fame Exchange

Year(s): 1971

Joey Skaggs arranged for a throng of screaming admirers with cameras to greet him as he arrived by limousine at the opening of the 8th annual Avant Garde Festival at 12 noon on November 19, 1971. Unsuspecting on-lookers were amazed to see John Lennon and Yoko Ono arrive at the same time. But all the attention of the adoring crowd was directed at Skaggs, who was totally unknown to the most of them.

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Earlville Opera House

Year(s): 1971

To save a dilapidated Opera House from the wrecking ball in Earlville, New York, Joey Skaggs bought it and donated it to a community group with the proviso that it would never be sold for profit. It is now a thriving performance and exhibition center.

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Hell’s Angels Wedding

Year(s): 1969

To satirize the Hell’s Angels, many of whom lived in Skaggs’ neighborhood on the Lower East Side in New York, and weddings, which he believed legalized the enslavement of men and women, and to generally have a good time, the artist built a customized tricycle and decorated it with all sorts of car stuff, i.e., fox tales, horns, lights, flags, a radio, and lots of chrome. With an actress friend playing his bride, he rode the trike around the neighborhood, calling it his Hell’s Angels Wedding.

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