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Andrea Marini’s award-winning documentary film about artist & activist Joey Skaggs is now available on Blu-ray & DVD with over 30 minutes of Extras.

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Taking audiences on a wild ride, this emotional and humorous award-winning documentary from filmmaker Andrea Marini follows the evolution of the notorious American counter culture artist Joey Skaggs, a fierce proponent of independent thinking and an early critic of media irresponsibility. For decades, he has used viral marketing and guerrilla tactics to make hilarious and meaningful social commentary. He is famed for such media fictions as the Celebrity Sperm Bank Auction, the Cathouse for Dogs, the Fat Squad, and Portofess (a mobile confessional booth), all presented as fact to the public by prestigious journalists. His influence is legendary around the world and his work is more relevant today than ever. In this critically-acclaimed film, Marini interweaves fascinating archival footage with a singularly unforgettable moment when Skaggs attempts to pull off the most demanding media hoax of his career.

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What people are saying:

“Told with a mischievous glee, the artfulness of this film mirrors its content” – DEADLINE

“Chronicling the most demanding hoax of Skaggs’ career, filmmaker Andrea Marini provides privileged access to the thoughts and actions of this most unconventional man, following the evolution of an artist who has dedicated his life to seeking social change by relentlessly challenging the status quo.” -WE ARE MOVIE GEEKS

“Art of the Prank is a laugh-out-loud documentary with a pertinent message for our times, when fake and exaggerated news stories proliferate and people readily believe what they’re told instead of investigating and engaging in critical thinking.” -SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN

“One of the best pranksters in history… we see [Skaggs] provide comical and sometimes biting commentary on society in Art of the Prank, all carried out with deadpan precision.” -FANDOR

“Really fascinating…incredible.” -FILM COLOSSUS

“…you’ll be hard pressed to find a subject more entertaining and a character more worthy of sharing 90 minutes with.” -JOSHUA REVIEWS

“Skaggs is both an artist and a professional prankster… Skaggs’ work is as relevant today–if not more so–as it was when he launched his artistic hoaxes 50 years ago. Audiences are inspired to question the very core of their beliefs. -NEW JERSEY STAGE

“Joey Skaggs demonstrates just how far art can go to make a point. The documentary, Art of the Prank compiles decades of work into less than 90 minutes, which to me is an absolutely mind blowing feat.” -CALGARYMOVIES.COM

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Film Genre


Running time

85 minutes

Directed by

Andrea Marini


Joey Skaggs, Robert Forster, Peter Maloney, and more

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