What’s Happening

“Joey Skaggs: Metamorphosis, Cockroach Miracle Cure“ is screening at the Int’l Social Change FF

“Joey Skaggs: Metamorphosis, Cockroach Miracle Cure“, the sixth film in the new oral history web series, “Joey Skaggs Satire and Art Activism, 1960s to the Present and Beyond“ will screen online at the International Social Change Film Festival, starting on Monday, September 12, 2022 for a month. Later in the Fall, this festival will have in-person screenings.

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Mask up. Help stop the spread of Putin!

New York City’s 37th Annual April Fools’ Day Parade is for everyone everywhere this year. The theme is MASK UP. HELP STOP THE SPREAD OF PUTIN! It starts now and will last until there’s peace in Ukraine. We stand with the people of Ukraine and with Russians

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