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Christian Science Monitor on pranks gone wrong

...  ready now to reveal that I’m the one behind the Donald Trump campaign. It’s my doing entirely." On a more serious note, Skaggs ...

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A Smelly Tale: When Dogs Ruled the World

When Dogs Ruled the World: The Hypocrisy of Democracy or When the Glue Comes Undone by Joey Skaggs Huffington Post May 2, 2016 As an artist, satirist and activist, I am very fortunate that I live in America. My freedom is never taken for granted an ...

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New York Today: A Fools’ Parade

...  Catch me on the “Dogs Dressed as Donald Trump” float. NICOLE BENGIVENO / THE NEW YORK TIMES The procession ...

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Articles & Interviews

...  April 1, 2017 April Fool's marchers in New York elect Trump as their 'king', AFP Yahoo News, April 1, 2017 New York City's 32nd ...

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