Christian Science Monitor on pranks gone wrong


Joey Skaggs is interviewed by Lisa Suhay for The Christian Science Monitor, June 7, 2016.
Prank gone wrong puts Marlins prospect on disabled list

…Hoaxing icon Joey Skaggs, whose new documentary Art of the Prank screens this week, says in a telephone interview that he has several prank criteria.

“I ask, ‘What is the intent, content and the meaning of the message,’ ” Mr. Skaggs says. “Does it have a life by itself, does it have a legacy?”

“What I have always done is art. I use the media like a medium, as a painter uses a canvas, to create fake realities,” he explains. “My purpose it to reveal the underbelly.”

Asked if the current presidential election cycle has inspired him to take action, he laughs, “Absolutely! I’m ready now to reveal that I’m the one behind the Donald Trump campaign. It’s my doing entirely.”

On a more serious note, Skaggs says television, YouTube, and social media sites have helped make pranks “ubiquitous.”

“The bar has been lowered,” he says. “My aim is to raise the bar back to where it belongs.”…