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Roach Vitamins Hailed as Miracle Drug. Bon Appétit!
by Joey Skaggs, October 10, 2017

Joey Skaggs as Dr. Josef Gregor in his Metamorphosis Cockroach Cure hoax

Dr. Josef Gregor (a.k.a. Joey Skaggs), entomologist, in Skaggs’ Metamorphosis Roach Cure hoax, courtesy Joey Skaggs Archive

As an artist, I discovered in the 1960s that I could use the mass media as a vehicle to make social and political commentary on a broad scale. So, for the last 50+ years, I’ve used the media as my medium as a painter uses a canvas. From my earliest performance pieces (a.k.a. media hoaxes), the Hippie Bus Tour to Queens, followed by the Cathouse for Dogs and the Celebrity Sperm Bank, I found that by creating plausible, but totally fictitious stories, played out in real life, I could hook the media into reporting them as fact.

The key to success has always been a salacious, sensational or ironic hook with a great visual that is just irresistible to reporters on tight deadlines…

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