Santa’s Missile Tow

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Santa's Missile Tow

Year: 2012

Categories: Anti-War Activism


“Unless we do something to curb the proliferation of nuclear weapons, which is totally out of control, from Iran to North Korea to sleeper cells hiding in plain sight all over the world, there will be large scale public annihilation somewhere, some time soon.” – Joey Skaggs

On November 13, 2012, Santa Claus (aka Joey Skaggs), armed with a mobile rocket launcher and accompanied by an army of elves, targeted the United Nations in New York City.

Joey Skaggs as Santa approaches the United Nations during his Santa's Missile Tow protest

Joey Skaggs' Santa Missile Tow protest in front of the United Nations

The demonstration began at the UN
and marched West on 42nd Street to Times Square.

Joey Skaggs as Santa in his Santa's Missile Tow protest at Times Square New York

Joey Skaggs as Santa with his "elves" in his Santa's Missile Tow protest at Times Square

His message: World Peace or else!

To announce his planned event, Skaggs sent hundreds of announcements, camouflaged as Christmas cards, to diplomates from United Nations consulates in New York and to their media representatives.

Joey Skaggs' Santa's Missile Tow greeting card