Reviews of Joey Skaggs’ Bullshit Detector Watch

Thousands of years from now, when current human society and all its advancements (computers, airplanes, George Foreman Grills) are nothing but a faint memory, a wristwatch of epic proportions will still live on, flashing, pooping, and mooing.  The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch is perhaps the greatest technological feat since the slicing of bread. Fitting this engineering marvel of modern technology onto a standard watch, media satirist Joey Skaggs has created the Bullshit Detector watch to empower the everyman with the ability to counter the daily doses of crap that are so prevalent. Joey Skaggs is known for his fabricated news stories that are often widely reported as fact, and has apparently harnessed his own experiences in this invention.

Media prankster Joey Skaggs is getting into the watch business. -New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer

VETERAN hoaxer Joey Skaggs has pulled countless pranks on the media – but he insists his latest project is no hoax. -New York Post, Page Six

Product of the Day: This thing is awesome. Press a button on The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch and it gives out a big moo, then it creates a steaming dump, only to be topped with the loudest raspberry you ever heard. It doesn’t so much detect bullshit as call it out–with flashing lights, no less. It’s an accessory I can’t live without.

Next time you catch one your friends telling a whopper, call them on it with the new Universal Bullshit Detector watch. While it doesn’t really sound off when someone lies, it does simultaneously moo and poop at the same time when you press a discreet little button on the watch. Imagine the quizical looks on their faces when your watch goes off…

For those of you with a sarcastic sense of humor, check out this watch. It is marketed as the Universal B.S. Detector Watch. That got your attention, didn’t it? It tells time just like an ordinary watch, but with the press of a button, it flashes, moos, and poops. That way when someone says something that sounds a little too exaggerated, you can have your B.S. detector go off.

Calling All Jewelry Freaks: The Universal BS Detector Watch. Love the face. This is a must have if you hang around BS artists all day. Separate buttons for ‘moo’ and ‘poo ‘sounds. My only question is- how do I get it to work on my favorite blogs?!

Are you in the company of tight lipped people who cannot tell the difference between a joke and prime time news? Perhaps they need something to jolt them back into the world of toilet humor, giving their facial muscles a much needed smile after frowning for too long a time. The Universal Bulls**t Detector Watch could be just the funny tonic required…

The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch does not actually detect falsehoods. We didn’t want to inconvenience the small percentage of readership that sometimes takes these trifles a tad too seriously. As a general rule, any electronic depicting a cow’s arse is not worth one’s emotional investment. But to each his own…

Obviously, this thing is just for fun; the sounds are produced by pressing a button on the watch. However, wouldn’t you all love to be in some “important” meeting and hear some manager who everyone knows is full of shit say something, and push that little button?…

This watch tells it like it is, where pressing a single button will express your feelings. Imagine people enquiring about the strange sounds that they hear, only to receive a retort from you that it is your B.S. detector hard at work. You can pick up the Universal Bulls**t Detector Watch…today. Only those with a healthy sense of humor need apply, while the rest of the tight-lipped population had better avoid this at all costs.

Who can resist a good gag gift – you know, aside from people with no sense of humor? The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch, from noted media satirist Joey Skaggs of the Garden Isle and the Big Apple, just might be the best out there this year… When it comes to novelty products, this one is a gas. -Honolulu Weekly Holiday Gift Guide

The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch is the invention of Joey Skaggs. He is one of my all time heroes; in a nutshell Joey is America’s most notorious socio-political satirist, media activist, culture jammer and hoaxer. His most notorious scams have included the April Fools Day Parade and a Native American surgeon who transplants scalps for people who want to cure their baldness. -Mark My Words

Skaggs, for those of you that don’t know, is an American inveterate media hoaxster… His latest project is a bit more tangible, and luckily for his potential journalist marks, something that they can cover without having to worry about looking too foolish later on. -The Daily Yomiuri

Serial prankster Joey Skaggs has just launched his latest project and it is not a prank. No really, it’s actually for real this time. Introducing The Universal Bullshit Detector Watch, which can be activated as a counter-measure when bullshit is detected in the area. -Laughing Squid

Just avoid wearing it at political rallies or web 2.0 product launches to avoid draining the batteries faster than you can say Rumsfeldsayswhat? -Skirmisher