April Fools’ Day Parade in New York Post Page Six

April Fools’ Day parade no joke this year, by Richard Johnson

Media prankster Joey Skaggs has created a fake April Fools’ Day Parade for 31 years. This year, it’s real.

Skaggs, immortalized in the documentary “The Art of the Prank,” has lured TV camera crews and reporters to Fifth Avenue each year with press releases claiming a flotilla of floats would march down from 59th Street to Washington Square.

“I swear to you, I’m actually doing it this year. No kidding!” Skaggs told me. “I’ve built Trump’s Golden Throne, an outhouse on wheels. [A Trump doppelgänger is] on the toilet, tweeting on his cellphone. We’ll be taking it down Fifth Avenue to Trump Tower, or as close as we can get.”

Skaggs has invited an army of Trump look-alikes to muster there, too. “I have no idea how many people will join me.”