Joey Skaggs interviewed by Lucijan Zalokar in Delo [Slovenian]

“Some projects could not be performed today. I would be in jail.”
Joey Skaggs showed the Slovenian media that they are no less naive than the Americans.

Rough English Translation from Delo, the Slovenian national newspaper, June 30, 2019:

American conceptual media artist Joey Skaggs has held a mirror to the fourth estate for more than half a century. His satire, hoaxes and media manipulation teach us how important it is to think with your head and always check ‘facts’ with many sources.

A special relationship with the media of today, 74-year-old Joey Skaggs, began at the end of the 1960s when he carried out an artistic campaign against the Vietnam War in New York’s Central Park. When journalists wrote that this young hippie destroyed the park, they did not know that they had created a long-standing enemy and friend in one person…

See the whole article here, but here’s a sneak peek: In June, 2004, on the anniversary of Slovenian independence, Joey Skaggs was introduced to then President Milan Kučan after perpetrating two hoaxes in Slovenia, Stop BioPEEP and Scandal in Slovenia. This June, 2019, he was not only introduced to current President Boris Pahor, but gave him an official Bullshit Detector Watch.