Movie Review: ‘Art of the Prank’ doc looks at an anti-fake news pioneer

Jay Lustig reviews Andrea Marini’s Art of the Prank movie for

Decades ahead of his time, Joey Skaggs started thinking about things like fake news and alternative facts — and doing something about it. His efforts are chronicled in the entertaining and enlightening documentary, “Art of the Prank,” which will be shown Jan. 29 at 7 p.m. at the New Jersey Film Festival in New Brunswick.
Using actors and sets, fake press releases and newspaper ads, Skaggs has sold legitimate news organizations — everyone from CNN to the Wall Street Journal — on the reality of phenomena such as a brothel for dogs, cockroaches as health food, a mobile confessional booth used at a political convention, and a sperm bank auctioning celebrity DNA to the highest bidder. The clips of him being interviewed on actual news shows — and, sometimes, the reporters remorsefully apologizing after they realize they’ve been pranked — are priceless…

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                                          Art of the Prank – Teaser Trailer from Relight Films.