April Fools’ Day Parade covered in The New Yorker

ABOVE & BEYOND: April Fools’ Day Parade, March 26, 2017

“Our satire knows no bounds,” the organizers of this annual parade of jesters promise, yet is there any target more rewarding for the modern satirist than the Commander-in-Chief? New York’s thirty-second April Fools’ Day Parade calls for an army of Trump look-alikes to gather at Fifth Ave. and 59th St., to trail floats skewering the past year’s politicians and policies—including one overflowing with Hillary Clinton e-mails, and a Dakota Access Pipeline that sprays water onto spectators. The route concludes at Washington Square Park, where the surreal scene continues with booths and staged performances, as well as the crowning of one of the costumed Trumps as the King of Fools.