Hippie Bus Tour to Queens Remembered 50 years later!

WHEN PRANKS BECOME WORKS OF ART“, by Joey Skaggs, Artsy.net

Check out this article commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Joey Skaggs’ “Hippie Bus Tour To Queens” and, below, watch a sneak preview of the “Bus Tour” in Andrea Marini’s award-winning documentary ART OF THE PRANK.

On September 22, 1968, Skaggs rented a Greyhound bus and took 60 beaded, camera-totting hippies to Queens, New York, to gawk at the suburbanites. This “cultural exchange tour,” as he called it, was a reaction to all the suburbanites coming to Greenwich Village to gawk at the hippies.

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Exclusive “Bus Tour” clip from ART OF THE PRANK: