4 Joey Skaggs Oral History Film Festival Screenings in May and June 2023

Join us on a journey into the mind of Joey Skaggs, the iconic performance artist who defies reality with his unforgettable antics. The oral history series,
Joey Skaggs: Satire and Art Activism, 1960s to the Present and Beyond,
gives an exclusive glimpse into his pioneering art, which has inspired generations of cultural rebels. These gems of stories stand alone or weave together in a rich tapestry of comedic artistry and brilliance.
– Courtesy ChatGPT 🙂

These three oral history films will be playing in four festivals this May and June. There’s something for everyone–in-person screenings and online streaming!

Joey Skaggs: Metamorphosis, Cockroach Miracle Cure
In 1981, Entomologist Dr. Josef Gregor, along with his cult-like clinical volunteers, unveiled his revolutionary Cockroach Vitamin Pill developed to cure all ailments known to man and make one invulnerable to nuclear radiation.

Joey Skaggs: WALK RIGHT!
Joey Skaggs takes us back to the wild and unruly streets of New York City in the 1980s where he and his Walk Right commandos set out to establish law and order.

Joey Skaggs: Celebrity Sperm Bank
Giuseppe Scaggoli’s 1976 Celebrity Sperm Bank Auction of world-famous rock star sperm goes awry when the sperm is stolen.


Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival
Metamorphosis, Cockroach Miracle Cure (27:35)

May 1-20, 2023
Online streaming only–from anywhere.
Tickets are available here (look for PROGRAM 2)



Coney Island Film Festival, Coney Island, NY
Celebrity Sperm Bank (10:36)

Sunday, May 7, 2023 at 3 PM
Coney Island Museum, 2nd Floor
(no wheelchair access)
1208 Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224
Tickets are available here



Oregon Documentary Film Festival
Celebrity Sperm Bank (10:36)

Saturday, June 10, 2023
5th Avenue Cinema
510 SW Hall St.
Portland, OR 97201
Ticket Link TBA



New Jersey International Film Festival
WALK RIGHT! (9:36) & Celebrity Sperm Bank (10:36)

Sunday, June 11, 2023
Online streaming only. Tickets are available here:
Shorts Program #3 – Online for 24 Hours!

Coming this Fall:


NZ Web Fest
WALK RIGHT! (9:36)

November 5-12, 2023
Date and Time for in person & online screening TBA