April Fools’ Day Parade Press Release (2019)




The New York April Fools’ Committee is Proud to Announce




New York’s irreverent April Fools’ Day Parade, poking fun at the past year’s displays of outrageous hype, hypocrisy, deceit, bigotry, and downright foolishness, returns! For the 34th year, the public is invited to bring outrageous floats and dress up in colorful costumes to reflect the folly of the nuttiest politicians, crooked corporate leaders, silly celebrities and whoever else has proved to be a total fool in the past year.

The theme for this year’s parade is “LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE!” The parade will begin at Fifth Ave and 59th Street at 12 noon, Monday, April 1, 2019, rain or shine. The parade will include the 3rd Annual Trumpathon, continuing the ritual of amassing the world’s largest gathering of masked Trump look-alikes. The procession will march down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park for the climactic crowning of the King of Fools.

The parade’s Grand Marshall is again President Donald Trump, who will be wearing flaming pants and pushing his Trump Kool-Aid Cart. He will be leading the “Imagine This” Marching Band which will be playing “Gimme Some Truth” by John Lennon. Color commentary will be provided by Kid Rock, Rosanne Barr, Representative Steve King, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and Megyn Kelly.

Chased by a mob of fact-checkers screaming, “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” Trump will steer the parade to Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue where the crowd of Trump look-alikes will toast his greatness while drinking his Kool-Aid.

The parade continues with the Up-Against-the-Wall float featuring Mitch McConnell desperately trying to get around it, over it or under it, followed by the Immigrant Kids in Cages float. The kids will be put up for adoption at the end of the parade. Next is the Democratic Clown Bus float filled with presidential wannabes. This is trailed by the Singing Canary Cage float featuring Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. The duplicitous General Michael Flynn follows with the Saudi Nuclear Missile float. Then comes the Sackler Family float dispensing free OxyContin. Bringing up the rear will be the Deviant Catholic Clergy Orgy float driven by the Pope. All float operators have agreed to the Bird Box Challenge and will be driving blindfolded. Weaving in and out of the crowd will be Sean Hannity whispering into his phone to Trump, Jussie Smollet looking for sympathy, Roger Stone flipping Nixon’s victory sign, Alex Jones screaming himself into apoplexy, and Rush Limbaugh promoting lies, hate and disinformation.

The public is encouraged to participate, in or out of costume, with or without floats. Our satire knows no bounds. Floats should be no wider than 10 feet and no longer than 30 feet and can be self-propelled, towed, pushed or pulled. Customized bicycles, tricycles, baby carriages and helium balloons are welcome. If it rains, marchers are encouraged to decorate umbrellas with slogans.

Says organizer Joey Skaggs, “Let’s stand together against greed, corruption and social injustice while we still have the freedom to do so.”

As the parade enters Washington Square Park, the festivities will begin. Facebook will host the Personal Information Buy-Back Booth. To atone for his sins of user exploitation, Mark Zuckerberg will announce that he has agreed to pay for Trump’s Wall. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani will be promoting future pardons for the Trump family. Melania Trump will be selling her new line of insulting fashions in the spirit of Zara’s “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” coat. There will be no Black Face Fashion this year. To raise money for Trump’s legal fees, the Donald J. Trump Foundation will sell reproductions of the portrait he purchased with Foundation funds. Brett “I Like Beer” Kavanagh will be serving beer. At the Altered Embryo Consultation Booth He Jiankui of Shenzen China’s University of Science and Technology will help couples genetically design their unborn babies. At the Washington Square Fountain, at sunset, a Gigantic Trump Effigy will be set ablaze á la Burning Man. The Parade Committee assumes no liability for damages caused by satire.

Funding this year is provided by the NRA and Putin’s Favorite Oligarchs. Musical performances are sponsored by Billy McFarland of Fyre Festival fame. Trump’s “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Flaming Trousers will be auctioned to raise money for next year’s parade. This year’s King of Fool’s will be nominated by the crowd in Washington Square and will reign through March 31, 2020.

Print a Donald Trump look-alike mask here: http://bit.ly/trump_mask. Organizers will have hundreds of extra masks available. Please tweet @artoftheprank and invite friends to join this spectacular event! See last year’s parade coverage: https://vimeo.com/263760309.

For those who have not yet seen Art of the Prank, the award-winning feature documentary by Andrea Marini about Parade Committee chair and artist-activist-satirist Joey Skaggs, it is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD: http://artoftheprank-themovie.com.

Contact: Joey Skaggs, Committee Chair, 212-254-7878, info@joeyskaggs.com, http://aprilfoolsdayparade.com, Facebook, Twitter